Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MenuScene tutorial AndEngine GLES2

hello again, here are some tutorial about how to using menu scene on andengine gles2, menu scene is some part of andengine library, its located on package org.andengine.entity.scene.menu menuscene is inheritance from scene class.

MenuScene tutorial AndEngine GLES2

Texture Bleeding on AndEngine GLES2

hello again, i will post how to fix texture bleeding or you see gaps line on our sprite on andEngine GLES2. Txture bleeding will make our sprite have some weird line, it make me call my artist who make that sprite and tell them for fix that, but my artist say its very clean.

Let see sample of texture bleeding

Texture Bleeding on AndEngine GLES2

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Load Font on AndEngine GLES2

Load Custom font on AndEngine GLES2 is easy,, firstly we need some custom font for our text,, HERE then we must prepare some variable..

private Font  font;
private Text  text;

variable font for our custom font, and text for our text will be shown on our games. And on onCreateResources method add these following codes..

Load Sound Effect on AndEngine GLES2

From these post u will learn how to Load Sound Effect on AndEngine GLES2, before we write some code.. you can download sample sound for our project here.. add pew.wav file on assset/snd folder..   Before we can Load Sound on AndEngine Gles2, we must prepare some variable.. here are